About Water Systems.

This blog is about the benefits of drinking water. Everyone is focused on nutrition but we are mostly water. Every single cell in our body depends upon water to function correctly. However there are different types of water. Every water system has advantages and disadvantages. Some are more hydrating than others. And one type of water in particular can change your life if you drink it every day. This blog will help you make an informed decision as to the best water to drink.

Bill Borden is the owner of this blog. He has studied vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, and natural ways to stay healthy most of his life. Since 2009 he has done extensive research on alkaline water. He has become an expert of the benefits of alkaline water and the machines that make it.

In this blog, Bill reviews water systems, water filters, water purification, and alkaline water systems (aka 'water ionization').

Learn more about these and other water systems.

  1. Water filters
  2. Bottled water
  3. Spring water
  4. Reverse osmosis
  5. Alkaline water
  6. Kangen Water® 
  7. Other water systems and types of water

Help Wanted.

Bill Borden is an independent sales agent for Enagic® USA. He is now recruiting and training new sales professionals on how to sell the world's best water ionization equipment. We need independent sales professionals in many countries, especially the US and Canada. If you have a sales, marketing, leadership, or business background and are looking for a new opportunity, you are at the right place at the right time. Business is booming. Contact Bill for information.