Why Kangen Water®?

This blog is about the benefits of Kangen Water® aka 'alkaline water' compared to other types of water systems.

Traditionally,  natural health professionals  have been focused on nutrition, - not water. Nutrition is still very important, but since our bodies are primarily water, a shift in thinking is now taking place. 

Doctors know that every single cell in our body depends upon water to function correctly. Even a little dehydration can seriously affect performance. In hot desert climates, perfectly healthy individuals have been known to die within a matter of hours just because they ran out of water.

Consider this. Nutritionists understand that it's not how much food you consume but how well your body processes and utilizes food.  You can eat a lot and still be unhealthy because your body doesn't know what to do with the food you consume.

The same is true with water. Some people are consuming a lot of water and they're still showing symptoms of dehydration. Why? Because they're not utilizing the water! The water being wasted.  It's not being used efficiently.

Scientists are also discovering that water is a much more complicated than we previously thought. e.g. water can be restructured. Alkaline water machines take the H2O molecule and restructure it into OH-. 

The question is this. What are the benefits of drinking OH- water compared to regular H2O? Can we increase hydration by restructuring the water in this way? And if we can,  what affect will better hydration have on brain function, energy levels, strength, endurance, recovery times, ... and our sense of well being?

Bill Borden has studied vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, exercise, fitness, stress reduction, alternative medicine, and natural ways to stay healthy most of his life. Since 2009 he has done extensive research on alkaline water, aka Kangen Water®. Based on scientific research and experimentation,  Bill has become a well known expert of the benefits of alkaline water and the machines that make it.

In this blog, Bill reviews alkaline water systems (aka 'water ionization' or 'restructured water'), benefits of hydration, water filters, water purification, reverse osmosis, etc.

Learn more about these and other water systems.

  1. Alkaline water
  2. Kangen Water®
  3. Water filters
  4. Bottled water
  5. Spring water
  6. Reverse osmosis
  7. Other water systems and types of water

Help Wanted.

Bill Borden is now training health professionals and individuals who have a passion for good health on how to make money recommending the world's best water ionization equipment. No purchase is necessary. However a demo unit is recommended.

Demand for this life changing equipment is rapidly increasing for one reason only. It's not the price. It's not how beautiful the machines look. It's because people can't live without this water. The water works fast within a matter of two or three weeks and people see very real RESULTS!  If you're interested, please take the time to read the articles on this blog. Then contact Bill with your questions.

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