Which Kangen Water® Machine Is The Best?

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All Kangen Water® machines built by Enagic® are classified as medical devices in Japan. The licenses and certificates available on Enagic’s website is your assurance that the equipment is safe and the gold standard. No other company has the machines, credibility, and service centers around the world like Enagic® has.

Which machine is the best one? I’m going to make it easy for you. Get Enagic’s K8 because it produces the strongest Kangen Water®. Yes you can regulate the pH and antioxidant properties of the water, but when you need power, the K8 is the most powerful.

By the way, the K8 is not the most expensive machine, but it is the most powerful and the most popular next to the SD-501.

When you amortize the cost of the K8 over the 25 years or more, the cost per day is not significantly greater than the cost of a less expensive machine. Also we’re talking about your health and the health of the most important people in your life. Are you really going to put a price tag on the good health for your mother, father, children, yourself, … and all the people you love?

The other reason to consider the K8 is results. If you decide to share the water, people will feel better faster. The faster people see results and the better they feel, the sooner they’ll want to buy the same machine. Enagic® has a referral program and those checks can help pay for your K8. People will buy what you buy. If you buy a K8, they’ll want a K8 too. If you buy an SD-501 they’ll want an SD-501. If you buy a JR II, they’ll want a JR II.

If money is a problem and you can’t get financing for a K8, then the SD-501 is the best machine. It’s been Enagic’s most popular machine since the early 1990’s. It has a proven track record and is built to last even under severe operating conditions in commercial environments. The SD-501 is the machine I’ve been using since 2009 and it still produces the same water that it did on day one. The K8 wasn’t available in 2009 but is now. I want one because people are asking me about it and if I had a demo unit that’s the machine people would buy.

The difference between the K8 and the SD-501 is one more medical grade titanium/platinum electrode plate and few other nice features.

The other machine to consider is the travel unit, the Leveluk R. It’s not built for heavy duty use or for giving the water away but if you travel a lot you can take the inexpensive R unit with you and leave your K8 at home for your family to use. OR you can buy two K8’s or a K8 and an SD-501. I always travel with my SD-501. If you have more than one machine like I do, you can rent a machine to interested people. Like I said the earlier, the referral checks are a good source of income. Look at the equipment as investments, not an expense.

The only reason why people buy Enagic’s less expensive machines is money. They’ve tried to get financing for a K8 or an SD-501 and couldn’t so they buy a JR II. I’ve never had anyone buy a DXII  even though it’s a good machine. I think the reason why the DXII is not as popular is because the SD-501 is only $700 more. For that price you get 7 medical grade titanium/platinum electrode plates instead of five, and you get a five year warranty instead of a three year warranty.

Other machines are the under the counter unit and the Leveluk SUPER 501.

Need help with financing? Here’s an idea. Enagic® has a referral program and pays daily.  A few checks in your mail box can pay for your machine. I’ll show you how. Learn more

If you have questions about the machines and financing please contact me.