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Hi. I’m Bill

I’ve been giving away free samples of Kangen Water® since 2009.

  • Learn how the water works
  • Learn why it works
  • Learn about the health benefits
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Try Kangen Water®. It’s FREE

After your free consultation, you can pick up as much water as you want for FREE! Bring clean containers and I’ll fill them up.

Try Kangen Water® For 30 Days.

Is my office in Tempe Arizona too far? No problem. Now you can try Kangen Water® no matter where you live in the world.

Call me for a free consultation and get all your questions answered. We can also talk on Skype which is free.  Once you understand how the water works, try a Kangen Water® machine in your home or office.

Enagic® has a 30 day return policy,  The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and returns are hassle free.

During your 30 day trial, drink lots of water. Give it away to your friends, family, and co workers so they can help you evaluate the product.

The water works fast.  Some people notice a difference right away. For others it takes a week or two. At the end of three weeks ask everyone how the feel and what the water did for them.

  1. Free Kangen Water®
  2. Free Consultations
  3. Try a Kangen Water® machine for 30 days

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