Clinical Studies


Enagic® was established in 1974 but clinical studies on the water began in 1931. The scientific name for Kangen Water® is “electrolyzed reduced water” (ERW). Kangen Water® machines are classified as medical devices in Japan.

Enagic® introduced this technology to Japanese Americans in 2003 and later to the English speaking population in 2006. I started researching the science and drinking the water in 2009.

Most of the studies on the medical benefits of the water have been done in Japanese and Asian languages because Enagic® didn’t bring Kangen Water® to the USA until 2003. In the last few years some of the medical research has been translated into English because the company is expanding globally.  Since 2003 Enagic® has opened six new offices in the USA (for a total of seven) and two in Canada.

For many decades Asian scientists have been studying why we develop illness and disease. They have hoped to find ways to treat the root cause of medical conditions instead of symptoms.

One of the hot topics in Japan  is antioxidants and especially ERW because of it’s high antioxidant properties.

Numerous studies have been done on whether antioxidants are effective for ‘oxidative stress’ or whether any benefit is merely a placebo effect. Oxidative stress is the mechanism by which human and animal cells get damaged, age, and die.

Studies on ERW were initiated in Japan in 1931. It’s application in agriculture began in 1954. In 1966, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (equivalent to our FDA) approved ERW to be used in hospitals.

Today in Japan,  there is extensive data  on  effectiveness of ERW  for treating oxidative stress that causes cells to malfunction, age, and die.

I have a comprehensive scientific report from Kyushu University in Japan outlining what the water does, how it works, it’s health benefits, and the results of 57 recent clinical trials.

I’m not making this report available for download on this website. If you’d like a copy I can email it to you in PDF format if you’re serious about possibly ordering a machine.

Enagic® has a 30 day return policy which is plenty of time to feel the benefits of drinking Kangen Water®. If you have questions about the clinical studies,  machines, or financing  please  contact me