Compare water systems. Kangen Water, reverse osmosis, bottled water, tap water, filtered water, etc. … Advantages, disadvantages, health concerns, …

Coffee and tea tastes better with Kangen Water®. The flavor is richer, bolder, and more satisfying. In Phoenix Arizona, coffee shops seem to be on every corner, but with an SD-501 Kangen Water® machine, you’ll make the best tasting and healthiest coffee right at home. Today I did an experiment […]

Make Coffee and Tea With Kangen Water®.

The surest way to know the benefits of Kangen Water® is to try it. The best way to try the water  is to  buy a Kangen 8 machine or SD-501, try it for a month and see what it does. Enagic’s 30 day return policy is more than enough time […]

What Can Kangen Water® Do For Me?

Cost of Bottled Water. Although picking up a bottle of water at your local mini mart may only be a buck or two, buying bottled water can be like a slow leak in your bank account. It’s hardly noticeable but over time, buying bottled water can cost you thousands of […]

Cost of Kangen Water® vs Bottled Water.

Did you know that most bottled water is filtered tap water from ‘municipal sources’? Even if it is filtered ‘spring water’ from a glacier mountain high in the Alps, there are health risks associated with drinking water from plastic bottles. Plastic contains various chemicals. By the time you purchase bottled […]

Serious Health Risks Associated With Bottled Water.

Most people don’t understand that our body is an electrical machine! What keeps your heart beating? Electricity! Kangen drinking water is scientifically known as ‘negative’ water, reduced water, or ERW (electrolyzed reduced water). Modern processed foods, sodas, energy drinks, air pollution, and our fast paced world puts a greater stress […]

Benefits of Kangen Water®.

Millions of people have benefited from drinking Kangen Water® including celebrities. Google these keywords: ‘Kangen Water celebrities’.  However some people have tried the water and say it doesn’t work. Why is that? Here are some reasons. They haven’t tried the water They haven’t tried the water long enough They didn’t […]

Reasons Why Alkaline Water Doesn’t Work.