Business Opportunity

Make money selling Kangen Water® machines. Work from home or your office. Free training. Global business. Unique patented compensation plan makes it easier to succeed than traditional business opportunities and offers several advantages not found in any other network marketing company.

Network marketing is a more efficient and cost effective way for a company or manufacturer to sell their products. Products sold through network marketing tend to be of higher quality and less expensive than similar products sold through retail locations. This is because retailing is a more expensive business model […]

What Is Network Marketing?

Enagic® has a unique patented distribution system. Everyone buys their machine factory direct from Enagic®. There is no wholesaler, or retailer. This keeps prices down. After each sale, the company sends a thank-you check or commission to the distributors who made the sale. This keeps Enagic’s marketing and advertising costs […]

Is Enagic® an MLM?