Alkaline Water

Drink Kangen Water

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water. Also known As ‘ Kangen Water® ‘.

Welcome to my blog about the health benefits of alkaline water. Kangen Water® is medical grade alkaline water.

Better Taste. Better Hydration. Better Utilization.

Ordinary water is H2O. Kangen Water® is different. It is ‘restructured’ by running filtered tap water over electrically charged, medical grade titanium and platinum plates. The result is a better tasting water that’s higher in mineral content than ordinary filtered or bottled water.

Better hydration means Kangen Water® carries hydration and nutrition to every cell and flushes out toxins more efficiently. Because the water is absorbed and utilized better, it’s easy to drink without feeling bloated.

Antioxidant Free Radical Scavenging.

Kangen Water® has more antioxidants than blueberries, oranges, and green tea. And unlike antioxidant foods, water has a direct pathway into the blood stream. No digestion is required.


Water is a solvent that flushes out toxins and waste products. Because Kangen Water® is restructured for better utilization, it’s able to flush out toxins and wastes products quickly and efficiently.

One Machine. 7 Different Kinds Of Water.

Kangen Water® machines (except for the Leveluk R travel unit) can make 7 different kinds of water at the touch of a button.

  1. 8.5 pH drinking water
  2. 9.0 pH drinking water
  3. 9.5 pH drinking water (10 times more potent than 8.5)
  4. Clean, putre filtered water
  5. 5.5 pH beauty water (for soft, smooth skin and hair)
  6. 11.5 pH water for cleaning oily surfaces. Also cleans pesticides off of fruit and vegetables.
  7. 2.5 pH water for disinfecting and sterilization

Kangen drinking water should never be stored in bottles for long periods of time.  Although you can store the water for a few days or a week, the fresher the water, the better it is.  For maximum benefit, drink Kangen Water® as soon as you make it with your machine.