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Hi, I’m Bill. Welcome to my personal blog about water systems, Kangen Water®, and the Enagic® Business Opportunity.

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Why Kangen Water®?

  1. The cost of being sick is high. Feel better. Drink Kangen Water®
  2. Financial health. Earn money with the Enagic® Business Opportunity
  3. Emotional health. This happens when you’re healthy and financially secure

In 2009, I accidentally stumbled upon Kangen Water®. The machine that makes the water is considered a medical device in Japan and has been used in hospitals for many years.

Even with this credibility, I was skeptical.  However when I found out that professional athletes and NFL players were experiencing more energy, endurance, and faster recovery times, I knew I needed a machine.

I have done  extensively researched on the science,  financing options, maintenance, uses of the water, etc. …  I can quickly answer your questions and save you a lot of time making sense of all the conflicting information  on the internet. Contact me

William J Borden ( Bill )
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