What Can Kangen Water® Do For Me?


The surest way to know the benefits of Kangen Water® is to try it. The best way to try the water  is to  buy a Kangen 8 machine or SD-501, try it for a month and see what it does.

Enagic’s 30 day return policy is more than enough time to test the water. The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and returns are hassle free.

The reason why you need a machine is because the water can’t be stored in bottles. Ideally you should drink it fresh straight out of your Kangen 8 or SD-501 Kangen Water® machine. If that’s not possible, put the water in sealed bottles and drink as soon as possible. Exposure to air, oxidizes the water rapidly and destroys it’s antioxidant properties.

Kangen Water® did amazing things for me personally and I’d be happy to give my testimonial when we talk. However my experience with the water will likely be different than yours. Why? Because the real miracle is you. Your body is capable of repairing and healing itself! The health challenges I had might not be the same as yours. However if you give your body the right nutrition and water that it can utilize efficiently, it has more energy to do it’s magic. Kangen Water® works so well that  people feel the difference in less than 3 weeks as long as they’re drinking the water fresh and in reasonable quantities.

I recommend that you follow the links on the water systems page to get an idea what you might expect. However here are some things to keep in mind.

Kangen Water® is the healthiest water you can drink. It’s better to start drinking it when you’re feeling good than wait until you have serious health challenges. If you’re feeling super good now, you may not notice a huge difference or any change at all! That doesn’t mean the water isn’t any good or it isn’t working.

In my experience people who are not feeling well and people who are highly active notice the biggest difference. People who are in good health and get no exercise may notice subtle changes. Once again, just because you can’t jump over tall buildings doesn’t mean the water isn’t contributing to optimal health.

If you’re confused and unsure, I understand. I was the same way. I spent many hours researching this technology before I bit the bullet and bought my SD-501. Here’s what I found out. There’s tons of incorrect information on the internet and there’s just as much correct information. There’s no internet police (yet). People can say whatever they want and make all sorts of outrageous statements that sound truthful and caring.

Here is one of the scams I found. There are review sites that rate machines highly because the owner of the review site sells the best rated brand on a different website. Unethical isn’t it? Of course, but that doesn’t stop them from deceiving people.

How can you tell what’s the truth and what is not? Email me or pick up the phone and call. We can Skype as well. Skype is a free download. Don’t spend thousands of dollars without talking to someone like myself who has years of experience helping people get results. That’s what’s really important.

Competitors who sell cheap inferior quality machines will tell you the SD-501 is overpriced and their machines are just as good or even better. The truth is those machines might work well for a few months before they fail and stop working. They are not SD-501’s. Not even close. They don’t deliver the same results. They are cheap imitation copy cats that look the same or even better but they are not SD-501’s. The SD-501 has been sold in Japan since the early 1990’s. It’s not new and improved. Competitors need to improve their equipment every year because last years model didn’t work. The SD-501 and the newest Kangen 8 machine is proven medical grade equipment that delivers results and is built to last 25+ years with simple routine maintenance. It is by far the best value. It’s not the cheapest. It’s just the best.