How To Change Your Life By Talking To Yourself.

I spoke at Church of the Living Spirit this month about how to change your life by changing your self talk. Even though this article is not about water, I believe that changing the way you talk to yourself can change almost anything you don’t like about your life, – including your health.

Here’s a simple but powerful 3 step process that has had a profound impact on my life over the past 12 years.

Tell yourself a different story. Create a different life.

  • Step One: Spend 2-3 days listening to every single thing you say to yourself.
  • Step Two: Replace all negative statements with positive questions.
  • Step Three: Repeat positive questions over and over again like a broken record.

Don’t stop! You may notice changes right away, but continue talking differently to yourself. It can 3 weeks to develop a healthy habit and longer to change a life time of negativity.

Change Your Health and Energy.

  1. Why am I so young and healthy?
  2. Why do I always feel great?
  3. Why do I always have so much energy all day long?
  4. Why do I feel like a young man/woman?
  5. Why do I sleep so soundly all night long?

Change Your Diet. Lose Weight.

  1. The less I eat the healthier I am!
  2. Why do I love to eat healthy foods?
  3. Why do I prefer healthy low fat foods?
  4. Why do I love the taste of vegatables?
  5. Why do I always make healthy food choices?
  6. Why do I always leave food on my plate?
  7. Why am I stuffed after eating small meals?

Change Your Mood.

  1. Why am I so happy all the time?
  2. Why is life so easy?
  3. Why am I so lucky?
  4. Why do good things always happen to me?
  5. Why does everyone love me so much?
  6. Why am I calm and relaxed in every situation?

Self Worth, Confidence, Meet New Friends

  1. Why does everyone love me?
  2. Why am I love?
  3. Why do people look up to me?
  4. Why do I always say the right things at the right time?
  5. Why do I have so much to offer?


  1. Why is my mind clear and focused at all times?
  2. Why is my memory perfect?
  3. Why do I remember important information?
  4. Why is it so easy to find (my keys, my car, my glasses, …, etc.)

Make More Money.

  1. Why do I make _______ dollars every (hour, week, month, year)?
  2. Why does money flow to me so easily?
  3. Why does everyone want to buy my products?
  4. Why does everyone want to do business with me?
  5. Why is it so easy to make money?

Find a Romantic Relationship.

  1. Why do I meet so many attractive men/women every day?
  2. Why is it so easy for me to start conversations with men/women?
  3. Why are so many men/women looking for someone like me?
  4. Why do I attract men/women like a magnet?
  5. Why do men/women find me so attractive?

Improving Current Relationships.

  1. Why does everyone love me?
  2. Why am I so lovable?
  3. Why do I always compliment people?
  4. Why do I only see the good in every person?
  5. Why do I have plenty of time to listen and appreciate people?

Tip: The words ‘love’ and ‘why’ are the most powerful words in the English language. Use them together and watch the magic happen.