How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An SD-501?

Maintenance on a SD-501 is very inexpensive and takes hardly any time.  If you take care of your machine, they are built to last at least 20 years and all components are replaceable should service be necessary. Maintenance is the key to protecting your investment and ensuring it will continue to provide you with the strongest Kangen Water® for 20 years and more.

SD-501 Filters.

It’s very easy to replace the SD-501 filters and they can last a long time depending on how many impurities are in your tap water. In some areas of the world, adding inexpensive pre filters will prolong the life of your machine filter far beyond it’s normal life expectancy of 1500 gallons and provide you with better tasting water. In other parts of the world where tap water is relatively clean except for chlorine, pre filtering the water is not necessary.

SD-501’s will warn you when the filter needs replacement. When you hear the replace filter warning, simply open the filter compartment and push the ‘reset’ button. This will stop the message from alerting you and give you time to order a new filter. When you install the new filter, make sure to push the reset button again.

Routine Cleaning Of Your SD-501.

Calcium and mineral deposits need to be removed from  your SD-501 on a regular basis. The best way to do that is with the 1 oz citric acid cleaning powder packages from Enagic®. The cost is about $1 per cleaning.  All you do is pour the citric acid into the reusable cleaning cartridge. Turn off your machine and unplug it from the wall. Remove your machine filter, pop in the cartridge, put  the top white hose and bottom grey hose into an empty cup, and fill up the cup.  Wait at least 3 hours or overnight. Then remove both hoses from the cup and thoroughly flush out the citric acid by turning on your water tap.  Once the machine is clean, remove the cleaning cartridge, put your filter back in, and plug your machine back into the wall

If you have very hard water, you should do this simple procedure at least every 2 weeks. You can do it once a week if you like.  If you have soft water, you should clean your SD-501 every month.

Another great way to clean your machine on a daily basis is to run beauty water once a day or  anytime when you’re near your  machine. The more you run the beauty water, the cleaner your SD-501 will be. Running beauty water is a virtually free and painless way to prevent minerals from ever building up inside your SD-501.

Deep Cleaning.

In my personal experience since 2009, my SD-501 has never needed deep cleaning because I run beauty water several times a day and I religiously do routine maintenance. If you don’t maintain your machine like I do, you will need deep cleaning to remove accumulated minerals. Deep cleaning is relatively inexpensive, – usually from $35 to $60. depending on who does it for you.

Personally I recommend that you take a few minutes on a regular basis to keep your machine clean like I do.  If you do that, your SD-501 will likely never need deep cleaning.  The tap water in Phoenix is extremely hard and after several years of heavy duty use, my SD-501 is performing just as well as it did on the day I bought it.

There is no official statement on this that I’m aware of, but in my opinion letting minerals accumulate within your SD-501 will shorten it’s life.  Not only that but as minerals build up within your SD-501, the quality of the water goes down. The water might still taste good but it won’t be as effective. The pH, hydration abilities, and antioxidants will drop significantly on a machine that has been neglected for a long time.

Enhancer Solution For 2.5 pH and 11.5 pH Water. (NOT FOR DRINKING)

A final word of advice on maintenance involves usage of the optional  ‘enhancer’ solution to make water for other purposes other than drinking. After you make the strong Kangen Water® using the enclosed salt brine tank, you will need to flush the salt out of your machine. This is super simple to do. Just hit the clean water button and turn on the water for at least 30 seconds. Your SD-501 will tell you when the salt is flushed out and it’s ready to make Kangen Water® again.

That’s it! Do these simple things, be good to your SD-501 and it will be good to you.  Enjoy the best tasting and healthiest water.  And remember, making drinking water is only one feature. SD-501’s do much more and save you a lot of money on products you are already buying.  This short video explains everything.