Do SD-501 Alkaline Water Machines Remove Fluoride?

I’ve heard  that the SD-501 removes up to 95% of the  fluoride  from drinking water but there are no official statements  from reliable sources as to whether this is true or not. Personally based on how the technology works and my experience with it since 2009,  I’m convinced that a significant amount of  fluoride is removed. I’ll explain why in this article and you can decide for yourself what you will believe.

I’m not sure if anyone has done any testing. One thing I do know is that each test can cost $150 to $200+ and a minimum of two tests would need to be done.   If you have an SD-501 and have certified lab results before and after, I’d love to hear from you.

Fluoride Removal.

Here’s how an SD-501 works and why it makes sense that it could remove significant amounts of fluoride, – perhaps even better than mechanical filtration.

The SD-501 changes the structure of water using electricity and chemistry. Thus the water can be used for different purposes depending upon the electrical charge.  This explanation may seem long and complex at first but if you follow along one step at a time it will become very easy to understand.

The SD-501 splits  H2O into OH- and H+. ( In other words it’s always making two different types of water at the same time). When an SD-501 is ionizing water it’s make these two types of water at the same time. i.e. it’s splitting H2O into two different types of water, – a negatively charged water and a positively charged water. The negatively charged water is the alkaline drinking water.

Here are the two types of water the SD-501 is always making at the very same time.

  1. OH- water  is  negatively charged alkaline water for drinking.
  2. H+ water  is positively charged  acidic water used for other purposes.

Fluoride is a negatively charged ion that’s found in several minerals especially fluorite. Healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium are positively charged.

Even a child knows  from basic electricity, magnets, and chemistry that oppositely charged particles are attracted to each other. Particles that have the same charge repel each other. Therefore when the SD-501 splits filtered tap water into OH- (negatively charged drinking water) and H+ (positively charged water), the negatively charged fluoride is attracted to the H+ water (that you don’t drink) and repelled from the OH- alkaline water. On the other hand, healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are positively charged are attracted to the OH- drinking water.

Does the SD-501 remove all the fluoride? Like I said earlier, I don’t know. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. Logically though, I believe that the slower you run the water, the more fluoride is removed. Why? Because I’ve noticed that the slower I run the water through my SD-501, the more the more calcium I see in the OH-  alkaline  drinking water. Even at full speed (about a gallon per minute), there’s far more calcium in the OH- alkaline water than there is in the H+ acidic water. In fact I never see any mineral deposits in the H+ acidic water ( that’s not for drinking), – even if I process the water as fast as possible. All the positively charged healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium  appear to be concentrated in the OH- drinking water. Perhaps then,  most or all of the negatively charged unhealthy fluoride is attracted to the H+ positively charged water, – even at full speed. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

You can actually see the dissolved positively charged minerals begin to stick to each other and to the sides of a glass if you leave the OH- alkaline drinking water in a container for a long time.  On the other hand, I’ve never see mineral deposits in the H+ acidic water. Therefore it’s logical to assume  that a significant amount of negatively charged, harmful ions such as  fluoride is being removed from the OH- drinking water, – even if you process the water at the fastest speed.

It’s also logical to  assume that the slower you run the water, and  the longer it takes to ionize it, and the greater the electrical charge, the more fluoride is repelled  from the OH- alkaline water that you drink and the more fluoride is attracted to the H+ acidic water that you don’t drink.

Whether or not fluoride is removed, one thing I know for sure. I feel great when I drink Kangen Water® and I feel terrible when I don’t have it for a few days.  Try it for 30 days and see what it does for you.

Please refer to my disclaimer. This article was written by me, Bill Borden, – not Enagic®. I have not proven my theory with laboratory testing. However the doctors and chemists I’ve spoken with so far agree that my conclusions are supported by a basic understanding of science. If you have high levels of fluoride in your drinking water, I recommend that you read this article several times to thoroughly understand the basic science.

Other ways people commonly spell fluoride: floride,  fluride, flouride, flooride