Travelling With Your SD-501 Kangen Water® Machine

Anyone who’s been away from their SD-501 Kangen Water® machine for more than a few days will advise you to take your machine with you. It’s a big mistake to leave your machine at home. Leave something else at home, but take your machine with you.  I’m travelling right now and writing this article from my hotel room.

You can travel with an SD-501 or you can take an Enagic® travel unit with you instead. The travel machine is less expensive, less powerful, and smaller. The travel machines are not designed for heavy duty use. They are not SD-501’s but they are medical grade machines and they make reasonable quantities of Kangen Water® fast. They are roughly a third of the cost and make Kangen Water® exceptionally well when you’re away from home.

Most people have  SD-501’s in their home and office. Then they purchase the travel unit for travelling. There are benefits of having two machines.

  1. If you’re travelling alone, your family can continue to drink Kangen Water® at home
  2. The travel unit is less expensive and more compact
  3. In the rare event that your SD-501 needs service, you have a backup machine

For some people having an SD-501 and a travel unit is the way to go. It’s a no brainer. Other people like to bring their SD-501 with them so they might buy two SD-501’s instead of an SD-501 and a travel machine. And of course if you live alone, you might only need one machine. It’s really easy to disconnect your machine and take it with you everywhere you go.

The advantage of travelling with your SD-501 is that it can make the strongest drinking water, beauty water, 2.5 acidic water, and 11.5 pH water. The SD-501 does everything. That’s why it’s the most popular water ionizer in the world.

I have both with me on this trip because I want to show people the  machines and explain the benefits of drinking Kangen Water®.

One bit of advise though. Get a hotel room with a counter top big enough to hold your SD-501 or travel unit. I was desperate tonight because not much was available and took this room. I barely had room to make the water.  Here are some pictures.