Alkaline Water Machines Consumer Protection Warning.

I have been researching water ionizers and alkaline water since 2009. Since then I’ve seen several companies go out of business.  Some went out of business in less than one year! All the brands were made in China, Korea, and Taiwan, – especially Korea and Taiwan. Unfortunately consumers who purchased these alkaline water machines made in Korea and Taiwan are out of luck. They cannot find parts, service, or even replacement filters. Thus they can’t use the machines or even resell them because they don’t work.

Enagic® is different. They will be 40 years old in 2014. They are the only water ionizer company to have offices around the world. Celebrities buy genuine Enagic® Kangen Water® machines. They don’t buy anything else. And Enagic® is  ‘exclusively authorized’ as a medical device manufacturer in Japan. No other company can say that. Enagic® can prove what they say with valid certificates on their website. Once again, no other water ionizer company has Enagic’s certificates and licenses.

Alkaline water machines from Korea and Taiwan are not recognized as medical devices in those countries because they are not. In fact, in addition to financial loss if you purchase one of those machines, you are risking your health. Medical grade titanium and platinum are the only metals that are safe to use in a water ionizer and that’s what Enagic® uses. Enagic® does this even though the 2012 average price of platinum was $1552 per ounce. A Google search will confirm this fact.

Because Enagic® water ionizers are medical grade and cost over five times more to build, some are still running after 20 years of service in high use areas. Machines from Korea and Taiwan might work good when brand new out of the box but not long term. You get what you pay for. That was true yesterday. It’s true today also.

Enagic® warns consumers by saying this, ‘We strongly encourage you to make sure that the electrolysis machine you purchase is protected by our trademark and is an authentic Kangen Water® machine. The electrolysis machines we manufacture in Japan and sell in the United States are recognized as medical devices in Japan and are, also, exclusively authorized as such. Machines manufactured in Korea and Taiwan do not have recognition as medical devices in those countries, yet they continue to sell their machines as Kangen Water® devices in the United States.’ Source: