Why Are Enagic® Water Ionizers Better?

Some brands might be cheaper than Enagic® but they’re not medical grade. This poses a very serious health risk when the metal electrodes slowly dissolve into your drinking water.

Because medical grade titanium and platinum is 100% safe and the metals in Enagic® machines never overheat, the machines last a long time. Some SD-501’s are 20 years old and still working perfectly.

The cost to manufacture a plastic box and some electronics is not a lot of money. Cheaper brands look the same from the outside and so consumers assume they’re all the same. This is a false assumption. The important part of water ionizer is not the plastic box and pretty flashing lights. The important part is the ionization chamber that contains the precious metals. Google the price of platinum for example. In 2012 the average price was $1552.00 per ounce.

I have contacted several manufacturers in China, Korea, and Taiwan. They have also contacted me with wholesale prices in quantities of 100 units. What I know is this. Enagic® machines cost over 5 times more to build than the cheap knock off brands. However since Enagic® has been in business since 1974, manufacturers every part themselves, and sells more machines than any other brand, they’ve been able to keep their prices low.

Enagic® machines currently range in price from $1480 to $5980. The most popular model by far is the SD-501 at $3980. Prices have been the same for many years even though costs have gone up. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Unlike cheap knock off brands that sell from $900 to $3500, all Enagic® machines are made of medical grade titanium. You get a manufacturer warranty, – not a distributor warranty. And Enagic® is the only water ionizer company to have service centers around the world. This is very important. I’ve seen many brands come and go since 2009. Many people have had to junk their machines because they couldn’t get parts, service, or even replacement filters.

The other nice thing about Enagic® is you can earn your machine by referring customers to the company. When you buy your machine, you can become a ‘distributor’ for free. This means you can write off your machine and business expenses such as your phone, car payments, gas, insurance, travel, etc. The tax savings alone in the next 12 months might be more than the cost of Enagic’s best machine, the SD-501.

If you decide to take the free Enagic® distributorship when you buy your machine, there are no volume requirements. If nine of your friends buy SD-501’s you’ll earn $4560. That’s more than the cost of your machine. It doesn’t matter if your friends buy their machines next week,  next month, or next year.

Enagic® isn’t the cheapest water ionizer company but they are the best value. Enagic® machines cost 5 – 7 times more to make than popular competitor brands because of the precious metals inside. They’re 100% safe and they last a very long time.