Is Enagic® an MLM?

Enagic® has a unique patented distribution system.

Everyone buys their machine factory direct from Enagic®. There is no wholesaler, or retailer. This keeps prices down. After each sale, the company sends a thank-you check or commission to the distributors who made the sale. This keeps Enagic’s marketing and advertising costs low.  They pay virtually nothing for marketing expenses until after a sale is made.

Other brands are purchased from assemblers in Korea, Taiwan, and China usually in lots of 100 machines and then resold by wholesale and retail distributors. That’s why their markups are much higher. The manufacturer makes money. The wholesale or ‘master distributor’ makes money. And finally the retail distributor makes money. This can easily add over $2000 to the cost of a $2500 machine.

Why Do Enagic® Machines Cost More?

Enagic® machines cost more because they cost more to build. However that doesn’t mean they are more expensive. Enagic’s newest machine the Leveluk R model is very affordable at only $1480 and it will outperform competitor machines costing up to $3500.

Unlike other water ionizer companies, Enagic® makes medical grade equipment with solid medical grade titanium and platinum. The current price of platinum is $1500 per ounce. Enagic® puts more precious metals in their machines than any other brand.  That’s why Enagic machines produce the highest grade of alkaline water.

Enagic® Is A Direct Sales Company, – Not An MLM.

Enagic® keeps their prices low because of their direct marketing distribution system.

Competitors refer to Enagic® as an MLM. The truth is that Enagic® is NOT an MLM. It’s a direct sales company with a unique patented compensation plan similar to those found in corporate America.

All Enagic® distributors work hard for their money. If you stop working, you stop making money. There’s no free lunch. And a brand new distributor can make more money than someone who’s been with the company for many years. It all depends on your personal efforts.

Except for a website and customer service employees, Enagic® doesn’t pay for advertising, sales, and marketing until machines are sold. If they had to pay millions of dollars for media advertising and celebrity endorsements the cost could easily be double or triple what it is now.

If some day, the SD-501 becomes medical devices in the USA, the cost could be much higher. Right now they’re classified as water filters. If you research medical devices, you will find they can cost several times more than non medical devices.

If you want to drink alkaline water because you understand the many benefits and how the machine saves you money, now is a good time to purchase a machine. They’ve been the same price for many years and the prices could go up at any time.