Water Ionizers Are Not The Same.

Not All Water Ionizers Are The Same.

Enagic®  water ionizers are built with solid medical grade titanium and platinum electrode plates for the very best ionization and highest grade of alkaline water.

The current price of platinum is $1500 per ounce! It is dangerous to use other metals but that doesn’t stop manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan, and China from doing it.

They sell machines for $250+- if you buy 100 machines and US distributors resell these toys from $1500 to $3500. They can’t possibly put medical grade metals in their machines for that price. They are not medical grade.  This is important because you and your loved ones will be drinking the water every day.

Unlike cheap water ionizers from Korea, Taiwan, and China, Enagic’s machines are certified medical quality ISO 13485. They are safe, effective, and built to last at least 15 – 20 years in high use applications.

The best water ionizer in the world is the SD-501. It is a work horse with a proven track record since the early 1990’s. No other machine on the market today, – regardless of how ‘new and improved’ it is,  can come close to what an SD-501 can do.

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