The SD-501 Water Ionizer.

Enagic’s SD-501. ISO 13485 Certified. Medical Grade Quality.

What is your assurance that you’re getting a medical grade water ionizer  made with solid titanium and platinum ionization chambers? Insist on seeing a valid ISO 13485 certificate. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is not ISO 13485. ISO 13485 is proof that medical grade titanium and platinum is being used.

Make sure to verify the certificate. Scammers have been known to forge fake certificates!

Remember online scammers look very honest. They may dress up in a lab coat to make you think they’re a scientist or doctor. They might tell you so many things that make it appear they have your best interests at heart. Don’t buy it. Insist on proof.

98% of the people who own an Enagic water ionizer will tell you that if someone stole their machine, they would immediately buy another one regardless of their financial situation. They would find a way to get one. It would be a priority. If the price doubled or tripled, they would still buy it. Why? Because they can’t live without it. When a person’s life changes they can’t be without their machine.

If you take the time to understand why the SD-501 is worth every penny, you will buy one just like I did. Almost everyone buys the SD-501 because it’s best value. It does everything exceptionally well and has a proven track record since the early 1990’s.