How To Sell Enagic® Machines.

I get this question all the time. In the three years I’ve done this I’ve noticed that successful distributors do the same things. Here’s what they do.

  • They treat Enagic® like a real business, not a hobby
  • They consistently listen to weekly training calls
  • They talk to new people about the water every day
  • They follow up and keep in touch with people (The money is in the follow up)
  • They let the ‘tools’ do most of the selling (They don’t try to do all the ‘selling’ themselves!)

Of course the biggest thing is they never give up. Seasoned business people know it can take to time to get any business off the ground. As they get more and more training Enagic distributors become more and more successful. You need to keep your Enagic business ‘simple’ but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know what you’re doing. There is a learning curve. Some pick it up right away and some don’t. It’s ok. As long as you don’t give up, you will succeed.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that new people sometimes don’t talk with enough people. I know they’re going to fail when the excitedly tell me about three or four people they know who are very health conscious. They are absolutely sure their friends will buy. Perhaps they will but it might not be right away. It might be next month, next year, or two years from now. Maybe they’d like a machine but now is not the right time. When all they have is 3 prospects and all three say ‘no’, new distributors often get discouraged and quit. The problem is their expectations were too high.

What I’ve found is this. The people you’re sure are going to buy will not buy, – at least not right away. And the people you think will never buy, want a machine right away. The trick is to create curiosity and talk with lots and lots of people! Most new distributors want to spend a lot of time with five friends and make three sales in their first week. Even though I’ve seen this happen a few times, it’s not the way it works in real life. With any product you need to talk with the many to find the few. All you need to do is spend 1 – 5 minutes talking with each new person..

The first thing I do is find out what they’re interested in. Then mention that I have something that can help. I don’t tell them much if anything about Enagic® products or the business! I’m busy and don’t have that kind of time. After getting their attention, I give them information. I invite them to read something, or watch a video, or go to my website, or listen to an information call, etc. What I invite them to depends on who I’m talking with.

The next thing I do is follow up. What did they like best about the information I sent them? How interested are they? If I can’t tell, I ask them. I’ll say something like on a scale of 1-10, what is your interest level? If it’s a 7 or higher I’ll spend time with them. If it’s less than seven, I thank them for looking at the information and explain that their interest level isn’t high enough. I promise to keep in touch via email and I leave them alone. My time is valuable. Successful sales people have a simple formula. They spend all their time with people who are interested and qualified. Yes I can take someone who’s a 3 and possible get them interested enough that they’re an 8 or 9 but that takes a lot of time. In the time I spend doing that I could be talking with dozens of new prospects and working with persons who are extremely interested.

Pretend that the world is the top of your sales ‘funnel’. Every day you talk with new people. If you feel someone might benefit from what you sell, you send them information and drop them into the top of your funnel. You follow up and find out how interested they are. If you haven’t qualified them yet, now is a good time. If they’re a seven or higher, you continue to give them more information. You invite them to learn more. You put them on the phone with other people You answer questions. You demonstrate the machine, etc. Each time you talk with them their interest level should be increasing. If it’s not, perhaps it’s time to put them on your ‘drip’ list. i.e. you keep in touch every week or two with a quick phone call, email, or text. At the bottom of your sales funnel is a narrow opening. This is where the 10′s fall out. The people who are 10′s are asking how they can buy their machine. You’re helping them with financing and taking their orders.

Of course the sale is just the beginning. When they get their machine it’s important to help them with hooking it up, usage, maintenance, and most importantly getting referrals. How many people do they know who might be interested?

To summarize, sales is not sales at all. It’s a sorting process. You’re not selling. You’re searching for people who are already interested and qualified. If there’s a match between what you’re selling and what they need all you do is let them know. And if there’s not, you don’t say a word. They don’t even need to know about what you do for a living. No one wants to be sold, so stop selling. However everyone wants to buy things they will love and benefit from.

The anxiety people have about selling is they think that they need to force or manipulate people into doing something they don’t want to do. With that kind of belief selling is very stressful. However if you’re helping people get what they already want, you’re not selling at all. You’re merely giving them options. It’s fine either way if they say yes or no. Sales is a numbers game. If you get training and are teachable, you will sell machines. If I can sell them, you can sell them. All you need to do is love people and help them get what they already want. Don’t sell people. Find out what they want. Them give them the option of buying something that will change their life. Whether they say yes or no doesn’t matter. Some will. Some won’t. If you’re working with only one person, a ‘no’ might be hard to take, but if you’re working with many people, a ‘no’ doesn’t make any difference.