Clinical Studies.

Kangen Water® originated in Japan. The machines that make Kangen Water® are considered medical devices in that country. That’s why most of the research and clinical studies on the benefits of Kangen Water®, A.K.A. “electrolyzed reduced water” (ERW) is done in Japan and Asia.

Today in Japan research into electrolyzed reduced water is developing at a rapid pace. Studies on ERW were initiated in Japan in 1931. It’s application in agriculture began in 1954. In 1966, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (equivalent to our FDA) admitted that ERW was effective and approved it for use in hospitals. Since then many clinical studies have been done to determine whether ERW is medically effective on all common health problems or whether it’s just a placebo effect. What are the results of those studies?

I have a comprehensive scientific report from Kyushu University in Japan outlining what the water does, how it works, it’s health benefits, and the results of 57 clinical trials along with detailed references.

I’m not making this report available to the general public. However if  you don’t have a Kangen Water® machine and are doing your homework please  contact me with your questions before making a purchase. I’ll email the report to you in PDF format.