Review Of The Enagic® Business Opportunity.

Enagic® VS Other Good Companies.

The Enagic® business opportunity is not for everyone but for some of us it’s been the best business we’ve ever been involved in.

Successful Enagic® distributors come from all backgrounds from young people with no work experience, … to waitresses and hair stylists, …  to PHD’s and former CEO’s.  The reason is the product and the patented compensation plan.

Entrepreneurs will appreciate the Enagic® business opportunity compared to starting a traditional business.  On the other hand if you have a $10 per hour, 9 to 5 JOB mentality, you might not find success running any business unless you’re willing to learn and do what it takes to be successful. Many people would like to make the money their boss makes but they don’t have the motivation, drive, ambition, and knowledge to do what their boss does.

The Enagic® business is simple compared to a brick and mortar business. For most businesses you have a lease, inventory, insurance, advertising, and employees. With Enagic® you work from home or an office if you already have one, and your overhead is low. The cost to get started is low too. All you need is one demo machine and that can be easily financed. Yet it’s a real business. All you need to do is treat it like a real business. Treat it like a McDonalds franchise. If you’ve invested a million dollars in a business, you’re committed. You’re going to be successful. Failure or quitting is not an option.

Will everyone suceed? NO. Not everyone has the motivation to wake up every morning and get things done without a boss micro managing their every move. Motivation is something that no one can teach. If you already have the motivation and desire to be financially secure, everything else can be learnt.

The best way to understand the Enagic® business opportunity is to look at their unique, patented compensation plan.  Ask me about it. Do the numbers. Does it make sense? Compare Enagic® with all other direct sales companies.  Compare the residual income Enagic® offers with any other company out there. Do your homework.

Advantages of The Enagic® Business Opportunity.

  1. Enagic® is an old company established in 1974 but the products are relatively new in the USA. Demand is increasing as celebrities, athletes, and health care professionals continue to see results and benefits of drinking Kangen Water®.
  2. All you need is one demo machine to get started.
  3. No overhead. Work from home or an office you already lease.
  4. Unique, patented and fair compensation plan with bonuses and passive residual income for serious business builders.
  5. No income or volume qualifications.
  6. No stocking of inventory in your garage.
  7. Ability to sell locally and globally.
  8. Wear only one hat. Refer customers to Enagic®. They take care of everything else.
  9. Simple and duplicable system. Free training.
  10. Enagic® pays daily

Your Level Of Commitment.

  1. Earn enough money to pay for your machine.
  2. Part time income.
  3. Full time income.

Training is free regardless of your level of committment. It’s a simple business. I give you THE SYSTEM with your purchase of any Kangen Water® machine. Ongoing training is every week if you choose to take advantage of it. When you have people who are interested, I’m available to answer questions and make your customer feel comfortable with their decision to purchase a Kangen Water® machine. I’m committed to your success because when you make money, I make money.

My first goal is to get you to Enagic’s 6A level as soon as possible, but if you’re part time, you can learn and work at your own speed. Want more information? Want to see the compensation plan and figure out how much money you’ll make? Contact me.