Review Of The Enagic® Business Opportunity.

What Are Your Goals?

  1. Earn enough money to pay for your machine?
  2. Part time income?
  3. Full time income?

Enagic® VS Other Business Opportunities.

Compared to other network marketing businesses I tried, the Enagic® business opportunity has been hands down the most profitable.

  • No distributor fees
  • Much higher commissions
  • Ongoing passive residual income

I was  apprehensive at first because other network marketing opportunities didn’t work for me. I always spent more money than I made.

In 2009 I bought an SD-501 for my health and to my shock the machine paid for itself many times over with commissions in my first year.  Since then checks kept coming in from my efforts, from filter sales commissions, and from the efforts of my distributors who signed up under me.

Successful Enagic® distributors come from all backgrounds from young people with no work experience, … to waitresses and hair stylists, …  to teachers, PHD’s and CEO’s.  It’s a real business, with unlimited income potential.

Will everyone succeed? NO. Not everyone has the motivation to wake up every morning and get things done without a boss micro managing their every move. Not everyone likes talking to people, or customer service. Not everyone is teachable. Starting any business is a risk. There are no guarantees. To make money you need to work. There is no free lunch. Success is up to you.

Some distributors do well because they love teaching, training new distributors, and helping people. Other’s love to sell.    What you need to know is this is a “people” business.

If you buy a machine from me, I will train you.  I’ll do the selling for you while you learn and Enagic® will send you commission checks when your referrals buy machines.  Online training is free too. You can learn at your own pace.

Other Advantages of The Enagic® Business Opportunity.

  1. Enagic® is a financially stable company established in 1974 but the products are relatively new in the USA. The first SD-501 came to the USA in the early 1990’s. Since 2006, demand has been rapidly increasing as celebrities, athletes, and health care professionals continue to see results and benefits of drinking Kangen Water®.
  2. All you need is one machine to be a distributor. No other fees or product to buy. Distributors typically  deduct  their  machine as a necessary business expense. Save money on your taxes this year. (Consult with a CPA.)
  3. Work from home or an office if you already have one.
  4. Unique, patented and fair compensation plan with bonuses and passive residual income for serious business builders.
  5. No income or volume qualifications. Sell a machine today or ten years from now and get a check. Other than purchasing one machine, Enagic® doesn’t charge you for the privilege of being a distributor like other MLM’s do.
  6. No stocking of inventory or products to buy every month.  Make unlimited, free samples of Kangen Water® with your machine.
  7. Huge market. Sell to customers locally and globally.
  8. Wear only one hat. Refer customers to Enagic®. They process orders, ship machines, and do all the warranty work, … . You can focus 100% of your time on selling and training new distributors.
  9. Simple business. Free training. Earn while you learn.
  10. Enagic® pays daily.

Are your curious? Do you have questions? Want to see the compensation plan and figure out how much money you could make? Contact me.