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Hi, I’m Bill. Welcome to my personal blog about water systems, Kangen Water®, and the Enagic® Business Opportunity.

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Ordinary Water VS Kangen Water®.

Why Kangen Water®?

In 2009, Bill stumbled upon Kangen Water®. The machine that makes the water is considered a medical device in Japan and has been used in hospitals for many years.

Even with this credibility, Bill was skeptical. He was sure  any positive experiences were merely a placebo effect, but he was wrong.  When he heard that professional athletes and NFL teams were experiencing more energy, endurance, and faster recovery times, he knew he needed this water.

Bill has extensively researched the science,  financing options, maintenance, uses of the water, etc. …  He can quickly answer your questions and save you a lot of time making sense of all the conflicting information you’ll find online.

The company’s is focused on TRUE HEALTH which  includes these three things.

  1. Physical health (Kangen Water®)
  2. Financial health (The Enagic® Business Opportunity)
  3. Emotional health (happens when you’re financially secure)

Once one achieves good physical health, they have the energy to work and create financial health. Once a person is financially secure, there’s less stress. More time freedom, less worry, and less stress contributes to true emotional health.

There’s a lot of information on the internet about Kangen Water® and the Enagic® Business Opportunity. Some information is correct and some is not. Bill can quickly give you the facts so you can make an informed decision.

The Enagic® Business Opportunity. Help Wanted!

The news about Kangen Water® is spreading fast but many haven’t heard about it yet. This means opportunity.

Who is getting involved?

  1. Doctors
  2. Natural health practitioners
  3. Sales professionals
  4. Consultants, entrepreneurs, people with customer service experience, mortgage, and real estate backgrounds
  5. Ordinary people motivated by Enagic’s compensation plan and passive residual income

This can be an excellent income stream for anyone with a passion for good health.

As an independent agent for Enagic®, you can work from your home or office if you already have one. Overhead is low. The only real start up cost that’s required to receive a free distributorship is the purchase of one demo unit. That’s all.

Training and support is provided free of charge and it’s a global business.  When you purchase your machine and start your Enagic® business, Bill will give you ‘the system’. It’s a simple step by step action plan for success that hundreds of distributors have used.  Serious business builders also take advantage of free training calls. These are weekly events that have been helping all distributors since 2006.

Think about timing. When was the best time to get involved selling microwave ovens, TV’s, computers, cell phones, flat screens, …??? Now is the best time to get involved with the Enagic® business opportunity. It’s not so brand new that no one knows about it, and it’s not so old that everyone has a machine. Most people do not have Kangen Water® yet but they’re looking. What’s more important than good health? Not much, right? People are interested and wondering if they should be drinking the water.

Demand for Enagic® Kangen Water® machines is increasing and there’s much work to be done in the next few years. We are just beginning the momentum phase. The timing is perfect right now before the marketplace is saturated and almost everyone owns a machine.

You will need a demo unit to get started. Some distributors own several machines. One for their home, One for their office. One for traveling. And perhaps a machine or two as a rental or loaner machine.  But all you really need is one machine. That’s all I had for the first couple years. I recommend the SD-501 classic model or the new K8. Both of these machines are in high demand and what most consumers want.

If you decide to purchase a K8 or SD-501 and promote Kangen machines, there are tax advantages. As a ‘small business owner’ you can deduct the cost of your machine, supplies, car expenses, gas, telephone, internet, travel, and all legitimate business expenses.

Consult with your CPA about the tax benefits of owning a home based business, especially if you already have a good full time income and are a W2 employee. The money you save on taxes might pay for a K8 or SD-501 in your first year.

If you’re curious, please contact me. I’ll email Enagic’s compensation plan and answer all your questions about the Enagic® Business Opportunity.

William Borden
Authorized Independent Distributor #7214853