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Hi. I’m Bill I’ve been giving away free samples of Kangen Water® since 2009. Learn how the water works Learn why it works Learn about the health benefits Get all your questions answered Try Kangen Water®. It’s FREE After your free consultation, you can pick up as much water as […]

Free Kangen Water®

If you do some ressearch on Kangen Water® you’ll discover it is not the same as any other kind of water. The founder of Enagic® likes to keep it simple. He says when anyone asks, just tell them it’s ‘different’. This simple but truthful statement has worked for him since […]

Kangen Water® Is Different

Most people pay with cash, check, or a credit card. Many 0 percent credit cards are available online. For other financing options please Contact Bill Enagic® Referral Checks Can Pay For Your Machine! To get started, you don’t need any experience and you don’t need to be an expert. You […]

How To Pay For Your Kangen Water® Machine.

All Kangen Water® machines built by Enagic® are classified as medical devices in Japan. The licenses and certificates available on Enagic’s website is your assurance that the equipment is safe and the gold standard. No other company has the machines, credibility, and service centers around the world like Enagic® has. […]

Which Kangen Water® Machine Is The Best?

The list of professional and amateur athletes who drink Kangen Water® grows every day. I suggest that you do a Google and YouTube search using the keywords, Kangen Water® Athletes. Better hydration before, during, and after  physical activity makes a big difference in strength, endurance, speed, and faster recover times. […]

Why Athletes Drink Kangen Water®

Many politicians, movie stars, athletes, and celebrities have purchased their SD-501’s or Kangen 8 Kangen Water® machines and drink the water every day. The best way to find out who’s drinking the water is to do a Google and YouTube search. Here are some good keywords to use. Search Google […]

Celebrities. Famous People Drink Kangen Water®

Coffee and tea tastes better with Kangen Water®. The flavor is richer, bolder, and more satisfying. In Phoenix Arizona, coffee shops seem to be on every corner, but with an SD-501 Kangen Water® machine, you’ll make the best tasting and healthiest coffee right at home. Today I did an experiment […]

Make Coffee and Tea With Kangen Water®.

The surest way to know the benefits of Kangen Water® is to try it. The best way to try the water  is to  buy a Kangen 8 machine or SD-501, try it for a month and see what it does. Enagic’s 30 day return policy is more than enough time […]

What Can Kangen Water® Do For Me?

Cost of Bottled Water. Although picking up a bottle of water at your local mini mart may only be a buck or two, buying bottled water can be like a slow leak in your bank account. It’s hardly noticeable but over time, buying bottled water can cost you thousands of […]

Cost of Kangen Water® vs Bottled Water.