Cost of Kangen Water® vs Bottled Water.


Cost of Bottled Water.

Although picking up a bottle of water at your local mini mart may only be a buck or two, buying bottled water can be like a slow leak in your bank account. It’s hardly noticeable but over time, buying bottled water can cost you thousands of dollars.

Let’s do the math.

Let’s say you consume only one liter of bottled water per day on the average, and the average cost per liter is $1. If there’s 4 people in your family, the average cost of bottled water is $4/day. Since there are 365 days in a year, the cost of bottled water for one year is 365 x $4 = $1460 per year. The cost to buy bottled water for 20 years is 365 x $4 x 20 years = $29,200.

If you consume two or three liters of bottled water per day, the cost for 20 years would be $29,200 x 2, or $29,200 x 3, etc. …

Cost of Kangen Water®.

You can make Kangen Water® from tap water. It involves a one time purchase of a machine that is built to last over 20 years. You will never need to buy bottled water again. In fact once you experience the benefits of drinking Kangen Water®, you probably won’t accept a bottle of water even if someone gives it to you for free.

Kangen machines can be financed. Just pay a little every month until it’s paid off.

The manufacturer will also send you commission checks if you recommend Kangen Water® to people you know. It took me 10 months to pay for my SD-501 Kangen machine with the commission checks I received from Enagic®. All I did was tell a few people about the water and give them free samples.

Since almost everyone buys the SD-501 Kangen machine, let’s assume that’s the one you want too.

  • The initial cost is $3980. When you amortize $3980 over 20 years the cost is $16.58 per month (or .55 cents per day to make unlimited amounts of water)
  • The cost to clean your machine and put a filter in it every year is about $150. Therefore the cost of maintenance every month is $150 / 12 = $12.50 per month (or $.42 cents per day)
  • This means that the cost to make unlimited amounts of Kangen Water® for the next 20 years is less than a dollar per day, (not counting sales tax, finance charges, etc.)

Kangen Water® Vs Bottled Water.

  1. Bottled water can easily cost you $4 per day for a family of four or $29,200 for next 20 years.
  2. Kangen Water® will cost you about $1 per day if you buy Enagic’s most popular machine the SD-501.


Calculate how much you’re currently spending on bottled water and how much it will cost you to buy it over the next 20 years. Then calculate how much an SD-501 Kangen machine will cost you if you amortize the machine, sales tax, shipping, finance charges, and maintenance over the next 20 years. Compare the cost of bottled water to the true cost of owning an SD-501 Kangen machine.

Then consider the health benefits of Kangen Water® vs Bottled water. People who feel good and are in good health spend less on doctor visits, hospitals, medications, and other expensive health care costs.

How much will your family save over the next 20 years by switching to Kangen Water®?