Reasons Why I Stopped Drinking Alkaline Water.

I’ve been drinking alkaline water since 2009 and noticed the benefits. However this month I stopped drinking it. Why? It wasn’t because I wanted to. It was because I was on vacation  and didn’t hook up my machine for a couple weeks. Here’s  what I noticed.

I felt fine, but was concerned about the following.

  1. My feet and ankles were swelling
  2. My long distance vision was blurry
  3. My vision for reading was blurry

I hooked up my machine 2 days ago. I drank 2 liters between 5 pm and bedtime. In the morning I noticed that my feet and ankles were not swollen anymore. My vision improved. I drank alkaline water yesterday and my vision was very good. This morning I’ve been able to write this article and read the small print.

Of course it could be a coincidence that I had problems when I stopped drinking the water and mysteriously my problems disappeared when I started drinking the water again. Perhaps the reason why I feel better is totally unrelated to drinking alkaline water. Certainly it’s just alkaline water. Only drugs and surgery can change your health. Right?

What do you think? Can drinking alkaline water improve your health? Is taking drugs better and safer? Please leave your comments and experiences with alkaline water on my facebook page,