Reasons Why Alkaline Water Doesn’t Work.

Millions of people have benefited from drinking Kangen Water® including celebrities. Google these keywords: ‘Kangen Water celebrities’.  However some people have tried the water and say it doesn’t work. Why is that? Here are some reasons.

  1. They haven’t tried the water
  2. They haven’t tried the water long enough
  3. They didn’t drink enough of it
  4. They didn’t drink it fresh from an SD-501 or Kangen 8
  5. They didn’t stop drinking soda, sports drinks, and other acidic beverages

Personally I experienced dramatic results drinking Kangen Water® in 2009 and I continued to drink soda. However I drank at least 1 gallon of Kangen Water® every day. If I had drank less water, perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed any benefit. The water works  better if you avoid soda and energy drinks. Gradually since 2009, my desire to drink soda has vanished. I rarely drink it today. It’s not that I can’t drink it. It’s because I prefer other drinks. My cravings for soda disappears when I drink Kangen Water®.

Three weeks after sampling the water in 2009, I ordered my machine. To my surprise drinking the water fresh out of my SD-501 was more effective than drinking it from a bottle. The reason for this is because  the water is an anti – oxidant only when you drink it fresh. If the water is not fresh, it loses it’s antoxidant properties.

How Can Alkaline Water Work If Your Stomach Is Acidic?

Some critics, and even doctors say alkaline water doesn’t work because the stomach is acidic. Although stomach acid will neutralize alkaline water, their assumption that alkaline water doesn’t work is flawed for several reasons.

  • The pH of stomach acid ranges from 1 – 5
  • Hydrochloric acid is produced when we eat food
  • When food is not being digested stomach pH returns to 4 -5
  • Water doesn’t require digestion and hydrochloric acid is not released
  • Alkaline water starts to hydrate even before it reaches the stomach because it’s micro clustered

Kangen Water® Is More Than Just Alkaline Water.

In addition to alkaline water, Kangen Water® has 3 unique properties. Not only is it alkaline, it’s also micro clustered and an anti oxidant. Therefore alkalinity is not the only factor. Kangen Water® works because because it’s alkaline, it’s micro clustered (more hydrating), and because it has a much higher antioxidant value than any food IF you drink it fresh!  Here’s why Kangen Water® needs to be drank as fresh as possible.

If you put Kangen Water® in a plastic bottle and it’s exposed to the air, it gradually loses it’s antioxidant value. Why? Because Kangen Water® has no  additives in it.  It is electrically charged water. This can be measured with an ORP meter.  When the water loses it’s negative electrical charge, it loses it’s anti oxidant value. That’s why Enagic® sells machines and doesn’t bottle the water. When you drink the water fresh you get the maximum benefit. The longer the water is exposed to air, the less effective it is. Remember that if there’s any air in a bottle it will oxidize the water and quickly neutralize it.

Other Reasons Why People Say Alkaline Water Doesn’t Work.

Just because a person doesn’t notice a difference, doesn’t mean the water is not working. I’ve noticed that people who sit behind a desk all day, are in good health, and get very little exercise are usually the ones that say it didn’t work or they didn’t notice anything, or the results were not significant.

Active people who drink alkaline water fresh from an SD-501 notice a big improvement in their performance, strength, endurance, and recovery because the more hydrated a person is, the better they can perform. Every cell in our body requires water to function correctly.

Ordinary filtered tap water or bottled water is not nearly as hydrating as Kangen Water®. As a result some people drink a lot of water and are chronically dehydrated! Symptoms of dehydration include fatigue, head aches, insomnia, confusion, irritability, constipation, etc.

How Can I Be Sure Kangen Water® Works?

  • Research the importance of hydration
  • Watch videos about Kangen Water® and read testimonials online
  • Ask questions. I’ve been researching alkaline water since 2009. Contact me for more information

Then put an SD-501 in your kitchen for 30 days and drink the water fresh. (30 days is the return policy.)  Drink lots of water (unless you’re doctor has restricted your water intake). Also NEVER DRINK ALONE!  Give the water to as many people as you can. Even if it’s in bottles some people will experience life changing results. Give it to everyone you know and get feedback on how they feel.