Should I Drink Water With Food?

I have  found from years of experience that it’s best to drink water on an empty stomach. Water does not need to be digested. It has a direct pathway. If you drink lots of water with food, the water will dilute stomach acid that enzymes need to digest food. Drinking lots of water with food will also cause your body to secrete more acid into the stomach.

It is beneficial and healthy to sip water often throughout the day on an empty stomach. Drink when you’re thirsty or starting to get thirsty. Guzzling large amounts of water on an empty stomach is not a good idea because the water can dilute minerals and put a strain on the kidneys. Even though it is my understanding that healthy kidneys can process 3.75 gallons of liquid per day from water, food, and beverages, if you were to drink large amounts of water all at the same time, it could be dangerous. Everything in moderation is a good motto.

Personally I always have a glass of water with food but I rarely drink all of it. It’s just there to help wash down food. Small amounts of water will not cause problems because stomach acid is very powerful. However if you were to drink a quart or more of water all at once with food, it could cause digestive problems.

Also important is the type of water you’re drinking. It’s not all about quantity. It’s about utilization. If you drink high quality alkaline, ionized water on an empty stomach it will hydrate you better than bottled water or filtered tap water. The reason is because of micro clustering. Every cell requires water to function correctly. Just a small amount of dehydration can cause serious and chronic illness. Alkaline water is healthy for humans and pets because it hydrates better.

Most bottled water and reverse osmosis water is acidic in the 4 – 6 pH range. (A pH of 7  is neutral.). Therefore you may not notice any digestive issues if you drink a reasonable amount of water with food. Soda is extremely acidic too. Alkaline water has a pH of 8-9.5 so it will tend to dilute stomach acid more efficiently. However like I said earlier, sipping small amounts of alkaline water will not make any difference.

For best results, I’ve found that if you drink bottled water or filtered tap water, wait 45 minutes before you eat. If you drink alkaline water wait at least 20 minutes. Then wait for your stomach to digest your food before drinking water again.

Please understand that this article is not medical advice. Please read my disclaimer. The information is based on my research and personal experience. I started drinking Kangen Water® in 2009. It is the highest grade of alkaline water. If you’d like more information on the benefits of drinking alkaline water, please feel free to contact me.