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Bill Borden New Years Eve Party 2006
Bill Borden today, June 14, 2013
Bill Borden,
New Years Eve 2006
Bill Borden,
Today, June 14, 2013

Do you have sensitive skin? Rashes? Pimples?  Acne? Wrinkles? Dry itchy skin?  If so, it might be the soaps, creams, make up, or other chemicals you’re using.  I had the same problem and found something that works. It’s allowed me to eliminate chemicals and save money at the same time.

I’ve suffered with dry itchy skin, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis all my life.  It’s been embarrassing because I’ve always been self conscious about my appearance.

I’ve been to many dermatologists during the last 50 years. I’ve also tried natural, gentle soaps and creams. Coal tar worked on some things but it was messy. Can’t say I liked the smell either.  Cortisone cream worked too but I didn’t want to put steroids on my skin forever. As soon as I stopped the cortisone, my skin would break out again.

In 2009 I stumbled upon alkaline water made with an SD-501 water ionizer. The machine changes the pH of water so that plain H2O can be used for different purposes.

  • 2.5 pH water kills germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • 4 – 6 pH beauty water moisturizes, conditions, and soften’s skin (good for wrinkles too)
  • 7 – 9.5 pH is ideal for drinking water
  • 11 – 12 pH is for cleaning. It dissolves oil and can replace soap.

Now, instead of using natural soaps, creams, and chemicals, I do everything with water. I use 11.5 pH water instead of soap. It works just as good without chemicals. I use 2.5 pH water to kill germs & bacteria that cause odor, and I use beauty water to soften, moisturize, and condition my skin.

I’ve also replaced shampoos and conditioners with water. No more dandruff and itchy scalp. My hair is short, but it’s soft. Interestingly when I don’t use soaps, creams, and chemicals on my skin, I don’t have any problems.

I was so impressed with how my life changed in 2009, that I’ve made it my mission and career to tell as many people as possible about this amazing technology that’s totally natural.

As an added benefit, the water has saved me a lot of money in many ways. Because I feel so much better and my skin looks great, I rarely see a doctor. I don’t take medicine. I don’t buy special soap and creams. I don’t buy bottled water because I make my own. And I no longer buy cleaning chemicals and detergent. I use the 11.5 pH water.

Water ionization was invented in the 1950’s. It was approved by the Japanese government for use in hospitals in 1965. Since the early 1990’s, the Enagic® SD-501 has been marketed and sold throughout the world. Millions of people are using this machine. It is the most powerful and best selling water ionizer because it works. It lasts a long time (20+ years). And it makes the strongest water.

You will need an SD-501 if you want to make the most effective 2.5 pH and 11.5pH water. The cheaper machines from China, Taiwan, and Korea will not give you the same results.

The SD-501 is not a luxury if you have sensitive skin. It is a necessity. Without soaps and chemicals your skin can heal and rashes caused by chemical reactions disappear.

If you’d like to try an SD-501 for 30 days, shoot me an email or call. Also if you know someone with sensitive skin, please share my story with them.  They’ll thank-you for it. The SD-501 changes lives.

My SD-501 Changed My Life. It Can Change Your Life Too!

NEW! Enagic Platinum SD-501
Bill Borden's Classic SD-501
NEW! Platinum SD-501
Bill’s Classic SD-501