11.5 pH Alkaline Water For Carpet Cleaning.

carpet-cleaning I steam cleaned my white carpets today and was shocked because they look like brand new without using any soap!!! Spots came out that didn’t come out last time. All I used was 11.5 pH Kangen Water® . This high alkaline water dissolves oil but I wasn’t expecting much on my off white carpets. I still can’t believe it. I used a 32 oz spray bottle, misted the carpets and brushed them, – then rinsed with plain water. I did 3 empty bedrooms (about 500 sq ft). When I was done I still had a half bottle left!!! 11.5 pH Kangen Water® is commonly used to wash the oil based organic and synthetic pesticides off  fruits and vegetables. Ordinary water won’t dissolve oil. 11.5 pH Kangen Water® will. Most people are not aware that grains, oatmeal, grits, rice, meats, and other foods can be washed with the 11.5. Rice  typically has lots of pesticides on it, – whether it’s organic or not. But what comes off of other foods is remarkable as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I’ve been using the water since 2009 to do almost everything without soap. I wash my tile floors, laundry, car, fingerprints off walls, etc. Yesterday I threw out a bottle of 409 that was in my garage for years. I’ve never used it since 2010. In my opinion 11.5 water works better and there’s no smell. It’s not toxic whatsoever. It’s just water. I’m always amazed and today was no exception. I looked at the worn out traffic areas and spots that appeared to be stains because they didn’t come out last time (before I got my kangen machine), and said no way, this probably wont do much. But I was wrong. Also surprising was that I still had a half bottle of 11.5 left. I only used about 16 oz of water to clean three bedrooms. I certainly was trying to be cheap. Other than the cost of tap water, the 11.5 water didn’t cost me anything to make. However when I was done and putting my steam cleaner away, I glanced over and saw I only used a little bit of water to make my carpets look like new again. To learn more about how Kangen Water can change your life and safe you a lot of money over the next 20 years or so, give me a call. If you’re in the Phoenix area I can show you a machine and make some water for you. If you’re long distance we can talk on the phone, email, or skype.