Can I Microwave Alkaline Water?

Many distributors will tell you that microwaving alkaline water will destroy it’s properties. Some say if you put alkaline water in a microwave for even 30 seconds it turns acid. This is simply not true if you start with a stable, high quality alkaline water.

I personally tested the water that came out of my SD-501 and nuked 8 oz for 60 seconds. The pH did not change. The ORP or oxidation reduction potential was still -821. The more negative the number the better. Negative numbers mean that the water is an antioxidant. On the other hand, bottled waters and tap water is oxidizing with an ORP of positive 200 – 600. So even though water is good for you ordinary water is oxidizing or aging you from the inside out. Alkaline water from an SD-501 is an anti oxidant. In fact alkaline water has more antioxidants than any food.

So the good news is that alkaline water produced by an SD-501 is not as fragile as people think. You can microwave it, boil it on the stove, microwave it, and freeze it. The reason is because an SD-501 produces a stable alkaline water. It’s properties last a long time compared to lower quality machines.

What destroys alkaline water? Primarily the air we breath. Air is acidic and oxidizing. That’s why when you cut an apple and leave it on the counter it turns brown. Air ages everything it touches because it’s oxidizing. If alkaline water (which is an antioxidant) comes in contact with air, the air will oxidize the alkaline water and destroy it’s antioxidant properties.

Although microwaves will not significantly harm alkaline water, remember that boiling water on the stove or in a microwave exposes the water to air. When this happens the quality of the water is affected. I recommend that if you want to microwave alkaline water for tea, coffee, or other beverages that you avoid boiling it. Just heat the water to a point before it starts to boil and bubble.