What Is The Best Enagic® Water Ionizer?

Enagic® makes several different water ionizers. The lowest priced model is very affordable. Why is there a difference in price?

All Enagic machines are built to the same quality control standards. They are medical devices in Japan and ISO 13485 certified for medical use. They are designed to perform equally as good for many years and require very little maintenance.

The difference is the amount of medical grade titanium and platinum in each machine. Platinum currently sells for $1500 per ounce and medical grade titanium is expensive as well. Each machine has titanium and platinum electrode ‘plates’ that electrically charge the water. The more plates a machine has, the stronger the electrical charge will be. Also if you’re storing the water in a bottle when you’re away from home, the electrical charge will last longer when you make the water with more plates.

Enagic’s lowest priced unit, the ‘Sunus’, makes all the waters except strong Kangen Water® (2.5 and 9.5pH).

The other models do everything. They have a pH range from 2.5pH to 11.5pH. All the machines produce good drinking water and beauty water. Higher priced models with more plates and power are ideal for making the extreme pH waters. i.e. Kangen Water® 2.5 and Kangen Water® 11.5.

  • The lowest priced unit, the ‘Sunus’ has 3 electrode plates
  • The JRII has 3 plates as well but the plates are larger
  • The DXII has 5 large plates
  • The most popular water ionizer in the world, the SD-501, has 7 large plates
  • The Super SD-501 has 12 large plates

It also should be noted that as the number of plates increases, machines are equipped with larger power supplies. Higher power and more plates results in stronger Kangen Water® that holds it’s charge longer. This is important if you sip your water throughout the day and take it with you when you’re away from home.

The electricity used by Enagic® water ionizers (while they’re running) ranges from 120 watts to 230 watts, so they’re very economical to operate no matter which model you choose. e.g. 120 watts would be the same as turning on 2 – 60 watt light bulbs when you need them. 200 watts would be the same as turning on 2- 100 watt light bulbs.