Alkaline Water Scams.

Alkaline water is proven technology. It works. I can email the science to you if you ask. But unfortunately there are many alkaline water scams online. These scams include ‘independent’ reviews that are not independent, tons of false claims, and scammers who are selling inferior equipment for outrageous prices from $1000 to $3500.

Scammers are buying cheap machines from Korea, Taiwan, and China for as little as $200 and selling them for $2000+ in the US. Then they claim their machines are just  as good as genuine Kangen machines. They are NOT!

But it’s not just about the money. It’s not just about scamming people out of $2000 and giving them next to nothing in return. It’s about the health risks posed by cheap, non medical grade equipment.

Regardless of what you hear online, you can’t make a medical grade water ionizer for $200. At that price you will get toxic heavy metals in your drinking water. You can argue with me if you want and what I say in this article is certainly my opinion, but here are the facts.

There are many grades of titanium. Orthopedic surgeons e.g. don’t buy their screws from Ace Hardware. They buy very expensive metals that will not poison you. Only a few grades of titanium are suitable for use inside your body. And since you’ll be drinking the water out of your ionizer, the metals inside your machine must be medical grade. If they are not, poisonous metals can find their way into your body via drinking water and make you sick.

Why do I believe that cheap water ionizers are not medical grade? There are two main reasons. They are not ISO 13485 certified as medical devices and the current price of platinum in 2012 is $1500 per ounce. How much platinum can they put into a $2000 machine that costs $200 to make in Korea?

Platinum prices 1992 to 2012

Platinum prices 1992 to 2012

Are you willing to risk your health and the health of people in your family in order to save a few dollars? For your safety, purchase your water ionizer from a company that has an ISO 13485 certificate. Other ISO certificates are not the same. It doesn’t need to be Enagic®. However only a few manufacturers build water ionizers to ISO 13485 standards. Enagic® is one of those companies. See Enagic’s certificates