Water Ionizer Savings.

Kangen Water® is the healthiest water you can drink and it’s far cheaper long term than bottled water. Enagic® did a detailed cost analysis/comparison of drinking Kangen Water® vs other brands over a 15 year period and calculated savings from $10,000 to $149,000. Since Enagic® SD-501′s have been on the market for around 20 years old and still producing top quality Kangen Water®, they expect their machines to have a useful life span of at least 15 years on the conservative side and possibly much longer. Only time will tell.

In the following chart Kangen Water® is compared to Dasani, Aquafina, Figi, Evian, Arrowhead home delivery, and Sparkletts home delivery. With bottled water you’ll pay month after month. Even though the cost per month doesn’t seem too bad, it all adds up. Over a 15 year period you’ll pay through the nose. The chart estimates that an average family will go through about two gallons of water per day for drinking water, tea, coffee, cooking, and other purposes.

You’ll save a lot of money when you own you’re own Kangen machine. Plus you can make unlimited quantities. With Enagic® it’s a one time purchase. You’ll pay more in the beginning but save a boat load of money long term. Enagic accepts credit cards and several attractive financing options are available. Machines range in price from $1280 to $5980 and the most popular model, the SD-501 sells for $3980. The cost comparison chart builds in the cost of the most popular and most powerful water ionizer, which is the SD-501. Even though bottled waters are cheaper for the first couple of years, the long term cost of buying bottled water is far more money.

As  you may know, there is more. The SD-501 also produces other grades of water that can replace cleaning chemicals, beauty products, conditioners, and disinfectants. This saves you even more money. By cleaning with water instead of chemicals you not only save money but you also create a healthy indoor environment, free from toxic fumes and odors.

Drinking Water Cost Comparison