Cost of Kangen Water®

Kangen Water® is not sold in bottles because it is electrically charged water. The charge doesn’t last very long. That’s why the water must be drank fresh. Even though the alkalinity of the water and the hydration factors will last several days, the antioxidant value of the water will last only a few hours after it exposed to the air. Even though a Kangen Water® machine might sound expensive, it’s actually thousands of dollars cheaper than bottled water. Here’s why.

With bottled water you’ll need to buy it month after month for the rest of your life. With Kangen Water® you buy a machine one time and you’re done. Enagic® accepts credit cards so you can apply the money you normally spend on water towards the cost of owning your own Kangen machine. If you don’t have a credit card, several low cost monthly payment options are available. Some are zero percent interest, some are low payments, some are no down payments. Attractive financing programs are available whether you have excellent credit or bad credit.

Enagic® did a study on how much their machines save people. They calculated savings from $10,000 to $149,000 over a 15 year period depending on which brand of bottled water you prefer. Why 15 years? Because on the conservative side you’re Kangen Water machine should last at least 15 to 20 years and possibly much longer. We know that because Enagic® SD-501’s have been on the market about 20 years now and they’re still producing top quality Kangen Water even in high traffic commercial buildings.

The following chart shows you the savings based on purchasing 2 gallons bottled water every day. Of course with a Kangen machine you can make unlimited amounts of water. If you use more than 2 gallons of bottled water every day, you’ll save much more with your own machine.

In addition to saving money on drinking water, the SD-501 Kangen Water® machine produces other grades of pH water for cleaning, disinfecting, beauty, skin, and hair care. These specialty Kangen Waters can replace chemicals and personal care products that you’re currently paying for.

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Savings. Kangen Water® Vs Bottled Water.